Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

It's called a roundabout. It's more likely to drive you, round the bend. Hardly rocket science, but WA drivers can't seem to get roundabouts right or for that matter...left.

We know 6PR's Tony Mac can drive the desk, but how is behind the wheel? He agreed to buckle up with traffic Inspector Neil Royal.

The main confusion seems to be signals. When do you, or don't you indicate? Everybody reckons they're right but clearly some get it wrong.

When turning left, approach from the left lane. Indicate to the left, and exit.

When going straight ahead, you don't need to indicate when you enter the roundabout, indicate left if practical before leaving. Use either lane, unless road markings show otherwise.

When turning right, approach from the right lane. Signal right and stay in the right lane. Then again indicate left as you are passing the exit before the one you wish to use.

Roundabouts are supposed to make life easier, by keeping the traffic moving, but where they don't work, authorities resort to traffic lights.

With a recent study showing almost 30% of drivers have no idea how roundabouts work. Inspector Royal reckons we've got a lot of work to do, even if some of us think otherwise.