Radar Rebel

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Nick Balgowan fought the law and won, convincing a Magistrate that maybe a multanova speed camera fine was wrong.

Nick is a radar rebel of sorts. He makes no secret of his dislike of speed cameras and makes no secret of the fact he earns money from selling radar detectors. He's so convinced the cameras can be wrong that he drivers around with a video camera recording questionable set-ups and that's what he was doing on the he was snapped by a multanova.

Hudson De Cerqueira also took his gripe over a speeding ticket to court and won. He was charged with reckless driving for allegedly hitting 120km/h...the trouble is Hudson says he wasn't doing anything like it.

Police sitting at this petrol station in Scarborough watched the two cars rev and take-off. They caught up with Hudson and claimed he had been travelling at 120km/h. The police had no but no radar but they still confiscated his car for 2 days under anti-hoon legislation.

The situation then went from bad to worse. A mix over the court date saw a bench warrant issued and Hudson arrested and locked up.

After the shock of spending a night in jail Hudson hired a lawyer and private detective to help prove his case. He won.

Despite winning the court case it was a costly exercise. Hudson won court costs but he was still hugely out of pocked. His victory was bitter sweet.

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