Not Good Enough

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

Many businesses claim the customer is king until they complain. When Wendy Whittaker complained to Telstra, she reckons she was given a royal dressing down.

"I spoke to a gentleman who was very rude to me on the phone. He was actually angry and was yelling to the point where I actually said 'excuse me, do not shout at me!'" says Wendy.

Baldeep Gill runs the service which gives disgruntled customers a place to vent their spleens.

The website tracks the most complained about businesses in the country. In Western Australia, top of the ladder are telco's, electronic companies and retailers…

So which companies make their customers mad? Well, Baldeep has counted the complaints, compiling a list of the 10 most moaned about.

10. Qantas

9. Harvey Norman and Gray's Online Auction

8. Foxtel

7. The Federal Government

6. Virgin Blue

5. Tiger Airways

4. Jet Star

3. Optus

2. LG

1. Telstra

While Telstra agrees yelling at their customers isn't acceptable, they're not convinced they deserve the honour of being the most complained about in the country given they've got more customers than any other company in Australia. What's more they reckon they're only being criticised because they refuse to pay the website for data.

According to Baldeep, there are ways to make your complaint count.

First, pitch your complaint to the right person. Next, be specific as to what outcome you're after and be realistic as to how long it will take. Make sure you document absolutely everything, including the names, times, and phone calls you make.

Visit the website at for more details