Lotto Numbers

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Eoin Cameron says "i keep thinking i'm going to win i buy usually a 25 game slik pik for Saturday night, Tuesday night and occaisionaly the agent will talk me into Monday saying Oh there's a big jackpot tonight"

Howard Sattler says "religiously every week three Lotto games a week Graeme i play on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday"

Brent Staker says "I do actually sometimes i think i can win it sounds silly we all know it sounds silly bu i was away with my ticket and the days i've actually felt lucky i've walked away with my ticket and i've won my $30"

Tom Percy says "with lotto i think i just work around my licky mumbers i don't go on Horiscopes or anything like htat i think you stick with your birthdays and you'll get a result"

A jackpot like this gives us 80 million reasons to dream - just six numbers standing between you and a life of luxury... for a purely random draw - there's plenty of superstition - lucky numbers - and winning systems - We've recruited some well known west aussies to help us un-lock Da Lotto Code.

Eoin says "not that i believe in this kind of nonsense but years ago a clairvoyant or a with of somekind told me my lucky number was 11 so when it's a powerball game i always look to see if 11's there and think wow could be be the one never has been" ABC radio's breakfast presenter Eoin Cameron - has his eye on some lucky numbers - though he conceeds more often than not he lets the machine pick his.

"I am so lazy that i just get the slik piks cos i can't be bothered going in there and marking it out all the time besides with my luck if i'd picked the numbers i'd never get anywhere i sort of take the attitude that if it's a slik pik there's a chance"

Eoin says big Jackpots mean bigger dreams, "i think i get more enjoyment out of dreaming about winning because i'll often go to sleep thinking what would you do if i won you know $50 million dollars and the war office says to me you don't need $50 million and i says shut up shut up you're putting a hex on me adn we won't win"

"i fancy number one i like number one because when i played sport i had number one and i don't mind number 13 too cos when i played cricket as a kid i used to bowl and i had 13 step s so i think a bit of good luck and bad luck mix it around" Howard Sattler says he's been playing lotto for years - but what really gets him angry is first time players who scoop the pool. "People say good luck to them - but not good luck to them at all they don't deserve to win first time up - you're dirty - i'm filthy"

"I'm very supersticious and i have a set of favourite numbers i won't divulge exactly how they come about but they come from my birthday which is a very lucky day for me 31/12 so i play all combinations of 3 1 and 2" Perth QC Tom Percy loves a punt and plays lotto every week with his birthday numbers. "Just take all the permutations of 312 toss is any other numbers that are lucky for you i usually toss in a 7 because it's been lucky over the years and work around those numbers with any numbers that are lucky for you personally and i think you'll go okay"

"I'm due got to be due" No Surprises what number Eagles Midfielder Brent Staker favours - it even turned out to be last weeks Powerball, "three individiual lines one is birthdates with my family immediate family and relatives the second is significant numbers over my footy career so 41 I used to wear number 18 as a juniour number 7, 29 been a few and the third line is a look at it and pick the ones that i've missed htat i think might be a lucky number and go from there"

It's not only players who favour their lucky numbers - agent too have their numbers picked - especially for syndicates. "Syndicate you've got more chance to win" Ignazio and Nancy from Grand Prom News have sold two division one Syndicates - the numbers all carefully picked. "To be honest i go my little office and then i start to see what's been drawn before and how many numbers 20, 30 or what ever and then i try to work it out these numbers"

So what are their lucky numbers?

Ignazio says "number 13 mayber ah 13 lucky that's when we were married"

"i wouldn't want to give too much away our competitors might get a wiff of them and put them in their sydicates but we have had quite a bit of success with them and the same people tend to come back to the same syndicate all the time especially when there's a big draw" Wayne from Lotto Magic in Carousel is playing his cards close to his chest - but he has let us in on a few of his favourite numbers, "i'd go for number 10 ah 29 and perhaps 3 that's all"

Wayne says some people are extremely supersticious about their numbers and tickets, "we retired Buddha for a while he was on a go slow campaign so we've replaced him with a frog and we've had a lot more success with the frog so he might be staying i think"

While most of us only dream of what it's like to win the big one - Lotto retailers often get to see what that dream looks like, "on more than one occaision the person has come to the counter with a ticket and said can you check my ticket and they haven't known and one lady just about fainted and we had to ring her husband for her and she said but i've driven my car down here and he said leave the car we'll buy a new one"

Ignazio says "we're very happy when we see people win that's why we're here for to sell ticket and make happy"

So here are the numbers our panel think are lucky for them - there's 12 of them - so do with them as you will... good luck - 1, 3, 4, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 24, 31 37, and 41 take your pick