Locked In

Reporter: Andrea Burns

Up until 5 months ago, Martin Kane was a fit healthy man then overnight his world changed. Martin woke in the early hours feeling strange. In the time it took his wife Carolyn to call an ambulance, Martin had lost feeling in his legs and then he couldn't move at all. He was trapped. Locked in.

Director of the Spinal Unit at Perth's Royal Perth Hospital, John Ker says Martin's condition is called Devic's syndrome. A rare incurable form of Multiple Sclerosis.

Unable to speak, Martin can only mouth words. He uses a computer to help spell out his words. It's slow and frustrating, but it's a start. Martin needs round the clock help, but even the medical staff agree that he doesn't need to be in hospital.

The manager of Martin's beloved Celtic football club Gordon Strachan was just one of the people across the world who've heard Martin's story and if good wishes could make the difference, Martin would be walking through his front door tonight, but wishes aren't enough. This proud family needs financial help.

The home Martin spent years renovating for cosmetic reasons, now needs practical changes to facilitate a wheelchair. Friends, family, even kind strangers have already helped make some changes to facilitate Martin coming home such as a path to get him in the front door. Carolyn wants her husband home with their kids. It's not the future they'd planned but she's determined they'll be together.

"We can still have a fulfilling life. Martin might be able to study, he might be able to return to work, there might be advances in technology where he can actually speak again, move again, who knows? I just keep hopeful for anything" says his loving wife Carolyn.

People wishing to contact Carolyn and Martin Kane can email them: mckane@iinet.net.au

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