Reporter: Mark Gibson

So close.. and yet so far.. that is Africa's highest point.. and nineteen trekkers from Perth are on a mission to conquer it."Pete Wilson said last night he can't believe we can get up there but trust me we will."Mount Kilimanjaro soars almost six kilometres above Tanzania. For seven long days, these mountaineers on a mission had two things on their mind.. reaching the summit.. and raising money for the Breast Cancer Foundation of WA.

"Solid day's work, that comes in at 7 hours and 29 minutes for the day, that's a long day on your feet."Long days.. and freezing nights, at campsites along the way."It doesn't look that cold, but it's pretty damn freezing." The trekkers trained at Kings Park.. and in a reduced oxygen chamber. They include businessman Malcolm Day, former Eagles footballer Peter Wilson and breast cancer survivor Luisa Giuffre.

Tired.. but closing in on their dream. "If we can only just get up over this ridge and then walk that line that we can see, it doesn't look like it'll be that hard."That's positive thinking for you.. or maybe just fierce determination. "We've done the tough work, we've got 45 minutes left." And finally.. they do it.. this is Mount Kilimanjaro's summit, high above the clouds. There's relief.. joy.. sheer exhaustion. "That was the hardest thing I've ever done."

And a reminder of why they're here. "I'd like to dedicate it to the people who have fought breast cancer and won, the people who have fought breast cancer and lost." Fourteen men and five women, with a dream to make a difference."I'm going to have a nap, see you next time."

The Kilimanjaro trekkers call themselves The Conquerors.

They are calling for donations to reach their goal of $100,000 for the Breast Cancer Foundation WA.

Their website is