Kids Kitchen

Reporter: Mark Gibson

Here's a bunch of kids filling in the holidays with fun, food and a fair bit of learning.. Not an i-pod or x-box in sight.

"I really like cooking because you can take lots of different things and turn it into something really great and delicious." At this Bicton cooking school, children from 8 to 14 are encouraged to smell.. chop.. grate.. and peel.. who knew separating eggs....could be so much fun.

"I know from experience that teaching them young really really works, they get a great idea of what a balanced varied diet is but in a fun environment." Today, chef and mother of two Tracey Cotterell is guiding them through rainbow coleslaw, steamed potatoes and chicken coated with egg whites and parmesan cheese.

Once it's cooked, it's time to dig in.. and the verdict is it's healthy and tasty.

"Tell me does it taste better cos you helped make it? -Yeah (laugh)." But you can't please everyone. "I didn't really like the coleslaw."

Tracey says "If they can then ascertain what it is they don't like about it then you as a parent can them guide them through, it might be like they don't like raw tomatoes but if you cook those tomatoes up, make a fresh tomato sauce and put it over some beautiful pasta with some grated cheese on the top it'll go down a treat."

"I think it was a good combination of flavours with the sweet corn and the saltiness of the cheese on the chicken." If 11 year old Brayden sounds like a bit of a kitchen whizz.. that's because he is."When I get a bit bored I just go get some ingredients out and out them together and see what I can do with it." School holiday fun with an added bonus. 'And you get to eat it afterwards." It's hard to argue with that.

Matters of Taste - School holiday cooking classes in Bicton for kids aged 8 to 14.