Reporter: Gavin Alder

When Pacific Brands announced they were cutting more than 1,800 factory jobs, the impact of the world wide economic crisis really hit home. The headlines are still screaming recession and the raw figures back that up. The jobless rate is the worst it's been in four years and we're being warned there's much worse to come...but is it really all gloom and doom on the jobs front?

"I need 500 workers ASAP. The work's not hard and the money's good" says Mark.

Mark Fraser has started small but is thinking big. His business needs sales people to match customers with businesses.

"We're talking about sitting in an air conditioned office, no real pressure, just talking to people about their business and how to grow their business a bit bigger".

It pays at least $1000 a week and he needs people all over the country.

"If you're out of work, if you're keen to work, I've got 500 jobs now" says Mark.

Bakers are in short supply. There are hundreds of apprenticeships up for grabs at bakery chain Bakers Delight.

Woolworth too is expanding with new stores being built across Australia.

Pizza hut will be looking for 3,400 new employees a nd with the golden arches popping up in 400 new locations over the next 12 months, that's 4,000 new jobs right there.

In February 53,800 fulltime jobs were lost which meant the national unemployment figure jumped 4% to 5.2%.

Despite the rising unemployment rate Mark Fraser is struggling to fill the positions he has available and can't work out why.

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