Home Shopping

Reporter: Damien Hansen

Shopping is something most of us either love or loath but when you can do it from the comfort of your own home it's a different story. It opens up a whole new world of retail therapy. Welcome to a world where everything is on sale the home of buy one get one free and the life time of money back guarantee.

Adam Freeman stepped behind the scenes of the home shopping network in St Petersburg in the United States, a three billion dollar a year mega mart where the closed sign never goes up. "We basically create what has to be said really elaborate, sets really to try and mimic and enhance the idea of being in somebody's house" says Adam.

"Here for example we're getting ready for some food shows and with that in mind we have a full service kitchen" he adds. "Home shopping is something the Americans take very seriously a staggering thirty six million products are bought and shipped to homes each year ." "What's a big seller what's one of the more popular products?" asked Today Tonight's reporter Damien Hansen.

"Always typically, female orientated beauty products are very popular, classic hair care products, what the viewer wants because it's typically female that's what we orientate towards and this is the heart of the operation a seven studio super selling centre spread over 70 acres employing 4000 people" answered Adam. "We do about three billion dollars in sales per year."

Brian Bradley is vice president of advanced services at HSN. "I think it's the one place our customers are totally relaxed rather than just having the hecticness of shopping around other people" said Brian. "She also wants to be entertained so in addition to having that great product you also have to have a great story around the product and a great story teller to tell the story. She is the customer, 83% of people who shop through HSN are women and 52% of them are aged between 35 and 40. Then there's the celebrity sellers Serina Williams, just one who's flogging more than her tennis opponents" Brian said.

Very recently Sean P Diddy Coombs came on and amazingly sold out in a single airing so one hour being online with a new set of products. "How many units do you think you've sold in seven years do you think?" asked Damien.

"Oh My Gosh if it's in the kitchen I've sold it" answered Brian. "The sales figures are monitored around the clock if something is not going to plan we'll move off that quickly and not only that the producer helps to give us key information key facts and details about the products themselves.

"Joy Mongano's huggable hangers is a genius invention basically all these hangers have a velvety feel on the outside so no more clothes slipping off the hangers over 250 million of these have been sold on HSN alone." I have one in my office actually I pulled this jacket off a huggable hanger as I walked over here so they're everywhere for us."The network's call centre takes more then 43 million calls a year that's almost 120 thousand a day and then you've got to store all these samples.

This is like the Noah's ark of HSN anything that you can buy on TV is stored here everything from kitchen appliances, TV's, wigs, clothes, shoes, anything you want is right here HSN is beamed live into 25 million homes at anyone time. It's available online and direct to iphones, you can even buy items from the couch using your television remote.

Really our goal is to be everywhere that she is everywhere that she's shopping, everywhere that she is wanting to be entertained. It's really where entertainment meets shopping in your own which goes someway to explain the increasing popularity.Retail expert Stephen Ogden Barnes says "back in Australia while our shopping focus remains in store we are becoming more mobile.""The new age of shopping may not be TV based but will probably be mobile phone based meaning there are few places to resist the urge to splurge. The mobile phone is clearly now a resource that consumers are using and will use more to research, to buy, to compare and to share details with friends and colleagues as well.Sell, sell, sell twenty four seven almost three sixty five we take Christmas day off but the websites open if you want to buy something that day.