Reporter: Jonathan Creek

Affiliate marketing is taking off around the world, the once secret society of online trading, worth billions of dollars, anything from cosmetics, to electronics, even property and cars.

Wes Thorton is a Director of the website designed to show you where to look and how to get a cut of the Commissions on offer.

Of course Freagle gets it's share when you sign on.

"You could hit pay dirt with one great product. You might be making thirty dollars on a product and all of a sudden a thousand people pick it up," Wes said.

Former Policeman Darren Boal is a convert.

He signed onto Freagle's Easiest Home Business two weeks ago. It costs him $60 a month and so far he's made $500 using a simple strategy, placing links to products on web pages.

"I didn't even know how to run a blog page now it's making me money," Darren said.

Maintenance worker Mark Galvin is the first to admit he's no computer expert, but the Easiest Home business is working for him. He's made $300 in two weeks and growing.

"You've got to do the hard yards, do all the work, before it all starts paying off," Mark adds.

The Freagle system is a modern day version of extreme direct marketing, but using anyone online to target potential buyers.

Scottish Make-up artist Laura Luke has made millions. She links make-up products to her YouTube instructional videos.

"This is the thing, it's a numbers game. People are out there, they determine what they want to buy, you just find the product and put it under their nose and let them buy it. It's all above board, you are just connecting people with products because they don't know where to go. You are just helping them find it and when they find it you get the sale," Wes said.

And because only the manufacturers handle the orders and delivery, warranties remain intact. For the money you earn, there are of course tax implications.

Andrew Clacy is Freagle's marketing strategist.

According to him, social networks like Twitter and Facebook have created a whole new world of sales opportunities, where advertising a product is as easy as sending an email.

"You'll see the commissions being paid into your bank accounts, so you are literally waking up each day and your computer is generating income for you," he said.

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