Reporter: Graeme Butler

There's something odd going on at Peter Terren's house and no wonder. What Peter is doing is being struck by 500,000 volts of electricity. Absolute madness!

The last time we visited our doctor zap, Peter was sizzling in a swimming pool, exploding in electrical sparks and being struck by lightening in a wire cage. Well he hasn't stopped there...

To keep it painless and safe first Peter is wrapped in foil by his very understanding wife Jane.

The bolts of electricity are being thrown out by Peter's homemade tesla coil. A device invented back in 1861.

Peter now has fans around the globe. His 'electrickery' antics are making news around the world.

Not bad for a bloke from Bunbury, but with just the flick of a switch Bunbury becomes Bun-Vegas… city of lights.

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