Cooking Kids

Reporter: Andrea Burns

These kids think they're playing a game. A game where you're ALLOWED to make noise and mess, encouraged, even.Some of these littlies are only two years old, but this gooey fun is actually teaching them a critical lesson.It's a lesson in keeping yourself alive. By knowing what good food looks and tastes like - and how to cook it.The course is the brainchild of teachers Corinne Lethlean and Lisa Bowden

"It's something we all do every day, so it's just making the kids part of the food"Today, the class will make a spinach and feta quiche. Early childhood specialist Corinne runs them through the processes. "Can you help me count?" Fun is the aim, but the course has an educational basis. As they spoon in the ingredients, the kids are doing maths - but don't know it.

Rolling pastry's a good exercise in coordination. Parents say the sessons are also a great way to get fussy eaters to taste test unfamiliar foods. Lisa says "we've had a child eat her first carrot so they might be things parents have tried to get their kids to eat at home and they've said yuk or wouldn't eat it, and in this sort of situation they're more prepared to try different things"

The popularity of cooking shows like My Kitchen Rules has brought adults and children alike back to the kitchen."Jamie Oliver says the government will have to spend hundreds of millions of pounds to get the future generations the way he'd like" Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has made it his mission to get children growing and eating healthy food.With the escalating incidence of childhood obesity our kids' health future looks bleak. This course is teaching children - and their parents - the skills and knowledge to prepare food that's healthier, cheaper and quicker than takeaway. "I think we're losing the basic skills of cooking, and once you have a repertoire of recipes, it's just as quick to make a batch of biscuits as to run down the shop" The other benefit of completing the course - you get to eat your work.

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