Convertible Fashion

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

"Shopping these days is all about being smart and having versatility" says Sally Nolan. "Consumers are becoming a bit more savvy and they want pieces that they can wear in multiple ways."And that's exactly what designers are now offering. The latest adaptable item that has hit the stores is the convertible shoe. Sally Nolan is Famous magazine's fashion and beauty director.

"Multiwear fashion has extended all the way into footwear. This is a great example of a shoe you can wear multi ways… you can tie the straps up in all manner of ways and there's 16 different options."From double ankle straps, to a bow tie front, right through to the gladiator look, this sexy leather sandal is guaranteed to give you more wear for your pair.These heels are hand made in Italy, hence the $330 price tag, but on a cost per wear basis, Sally says they make good fashion sense."If you wear it 16 different ways it would work out at about $20 per wear."

This seasons biggest trend is undoubtedly the jumpsuit. This celebrity favourite is now the latest in a line of convertible clothing being offered by US retailer Victoria's Secret."A jumpsuit is a slight fad so its probably best to just get one, so the straps come undone and there's about 10 different options. This is also a great piece to take from winter to summer pop a little blazer on and you've got a great work outfit, when summer comes around, add a jewelled thong and it's a great beach to bar outfit."

Also tailored to different body shapes is the "ultimate black dress" by designer Sasha Drake."Everybody is looking for a dress that flatters the good bits, hides those bad slightly bumpier bits and that's what this dress does for all body types" says Sasha.The dress comes with a guide book demonstrating 22 different ways that it can be worn. But stockist Sally Cantwell says it's all about customising different looks for your body shape.

"We have found that it's a life saver this dress. Customers come into the store they need something now, they need something that looks fantastic, that shows off the most flattering parts of their body, and you can use the dress to really to accentuate that and that's what is so beautiful about this dress it's so individualised" says Sally Cantwell."Versatile pieces are such a great trend … I mean who wouldn't want a piece that you can wear multiple ways for years to come. I think you'd just be crazy if you didn't jump on board" says Sally Nolan.

Convertible Shoe

Veronique by Sempre Di

RRP: $330

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Sasha drake - Ultimate Black Dress

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Ultimate black dress - available in black, charcoal, indigo and red rrp: $289

Ultimate maxi dress - available in black, charcoal and indigo rrp: $299

Convertible Jumpsuit

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RRP: approx $127 (price varies based on exchange rate)