Comic Collector

Reporter: Graeme Bultler

"I'm a comic geek. I'm a freak that collects comics…they take up one room of the house. I've got another house with a storage area just for the new stuff and then I'm hoping to build a room above the carport to extend again because it's just got so big".

Brett Chilman's comic collection is massive. More comics than you could read in a lifetime, not that he reads them all that often because this is serious collecting.

How does your collection rate nationally?

"To my knowledge it's the biggest in Australia and no one that I know of has actually challenged and said they have more. There could be but at the moment I'm saying I've got the biggest collection".

Brett, how many comics have you got here in this room?

"About 65,000, possibly more but I'm collecting all the time so it's getting more and more".

What do your family think?

"Most of my kids are named after the characters so they're happy, but my wife would rather I just spend the money on something else".

A collection this big doesn't come cheaply. All up Brett says the comics are now worth around 1.3 million dollars!

Brett has organised an exhibition of a selection of his comics and cartoons, including some of his rarer comics.

In this economic climate you could be excused for thinking you'd need more money than sense, but according to Brett, comics can become a nest egg if you know what to buy.

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