Colour Effects

Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson

According to colour expert Debourah Bourg paint your kitchen blue and you'll probably lose weight.

'For weight loss or anything like that, I get my clients to get a blue plate and put the food they'd normally eat on that food plate and by doing that they'll actually eat half and they'll feel full because it just does not encourage the appetite" says Debourah.

Ever noticed the colours fast food outlets use on their logos?

"Colours that make you feel hungry are anything that speeds up the adrenal system like anything in the red orange or yellow family. These are fabulous colours to really increase our adrenals and want us to eat a lot of food".

Debourah insists there's a hidden science behind colours.

"Blind people can be trained to identify colour by its vibration. You can put your hand over a red and feel the warmth of red. You can put your hand over blue and you feel the coolness of blue".

Dietician Glen Cardwell agrees certain colours can help shed the kilos.

"I suspect you can lose weight depending on the colour you have and maybe the more subdued the colour, you'd feel more calmer and would eat a little slower and by eating a little slower we know you eat less for or less kilojoules" says Glen.

To get the colours right in your kitchen Deborah recommends orange, yellow or peach which don't suppress the appetite.

The colours to avoid are black because it's depressing and absorbs energy and red, but the biggest tip, it's all about balance.

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