Chris Perkin

Reporter: Mark Gibson

6 year old Ben and 4 year old Sam will grow up without their Mum. Six weeks ago, Chris Perkin had a perfect life.. a beautiful wife, two sons and another on the way.At 35 weeks pregnant, Cindy suddenly became sick. Chris says "A rash started developing over her body which was weird and so we went in there and you know within 10 or 15 minutes they're trying to check the baby's heart and we didn't think anything of it at the time, just thought Cindy was getting a bit sick we better go and check."

Their baby boy's heart had stopped beating. "Jake came out and he just looked like a little baby boy, he was 35 weeks old and he looked like he could be alive but he wasn't so.." After spending four days in hospital, Cindy went home to organise her baby's funeral but she was about to get a lot sicker. The next night, Chris was woken by her cries. "She's going my legs feel like they're not working and something feels really weird and all of a sudden I've put her on the bed to put her jumper on to go to take her to hospital straight away because that's the quickest thing and then she sort of fell back onto the bed." Cindy spent 40 hours in a coma.. and never regained consciousness. "I was there when she left, holding her hand, combing her hair, asking her to stay but you know if she had to go she had to go."

Chris Perkin's wife of 7 years had been taken from him.. one week after they lost their baby boy. "No-one knows still now, they thought that it was related to maybe the infection the week before or was it related to medication, was it related to something she already had?"

"How important is it for you to know what happened?" Chris says "It's important to chase the answers if they're there but I also understand that some things are just medical catastrophes." Chris HAS been told that Cindy had a blood condition called haemolysis.

"How do you explain what happened to the boys?" Chris says "Oh look you try and make it pretty simple for the boys you know Mummy's gone to heaven..."

Chris Perkin is a West Coast Eagles physio, a prominent amateur footballer and played in last weekend's Chris Mainwaring tribute match. "If good things can come from it, they can't, but you realise how much support I have and I am lucky now that my family, my Mum and Dad, Cindy's Mum and Paul and her sister and brother and my brother in particular and all my mates and footy family from North Beach and from the Eagles, my work at Body Logic physio and at the Eagles, they just, everyone's there for me." Chris says he's lost his soul mate.. but lives for these two little boys. "You kow the boys are everything to me now, I mean Cindy and the boys were..And I'm going to develop a wonderful bond with these boys that Cindy would've loved."

For information about the fundraiser for Chris Perkin and his family please contact the West Coast Eagles on 9381 1111

Or visit their website

Part proceeds from the fundraiser night will go to Sids and Kids.