Child Psychic

Reporter: Rodney Lohse

Emily Poynton is Australia's youngest psychic. At just 8 years old -- like her mother Jodianne -- Emily believes she can talk to the dead.

She also communicates with guardian angels, a gift she believes she's been given to help humanity. It's a momentous ambition for a child not yet in Grade 3.

But Emily's sixth sense comes at a cost -- she is unable to cope with regular schooling. "Because of her magic, we put her into school but because she feels everything, you know if somebody is crying she is so sensitive at this age and she takes it on herself and we have kind of put her in school from time to time, but she comes home so tired from everybody's energies", Jodianne said.

Jodianne too claims to have the gift. "I am a medium too. I started hearing what I call the voice of higher love oh about ten years ago and it got stronger and stronger -- the more that I was able to give people the stronger it got", she said.

The former psychiatric nurse turned author, has written a book based on her daughter's coming of spiritual age, after a vision came to her one night. "I went wow, I am going to write a book and the next day I sat down with one hundred sheets of paper and just started writing and ninety nine pages poured out over five days", Jodianne said.

"Because I felt heaven, I was able to hear heaven, and so that anyone who had past, friends relatives, family pets, I was able to hear", Emily said.

Like her idol John Edwards, Emily feels compelled to pass on messages from guardian angels. But does she really understand what she claims to be doing, or is she simply a young girl with a wild imagination?

"We can all talk to dead people -- getting them to talk back is the trick", said Dr Krissy Wilson, a Professor of Psychology.

Dr. Wilson is sceptical of Emily's claims. "I'm sceptical of anyone who claims to be psychic. All the years that I have been studying and investigating belief in the paranormal and ostensibly paranormal experiences, I have never yet come across anything that remotely convinces me that any of this is actually real", she said.

Today, Emily and her mother are holding what they call a spiritual class at their home on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. People have paid $25 each to participate. "The whole purpose of what we do isn't just to hear our relatives, which is always nice. It's so that we can actually love everything and help heal the planet - ourselves, the animals, everything", Jodianne said.

Emily first helps connect one man with his guardian angel; and then relays a message from a woman's relative who has passed. Jodianne passes on a message from a grandmother and Emily feels the spirit too.

"In this particular case, I think really what we have got here is the bargain basement of mediumship. All psychics like to have a gimmick and this is the perfect gimmick -- this is the Bindi Irwin of the paranormal", Dr. Wilson said.

"I don't mind, people can call me whatever they want. We are not here to battle anybody, we are not here to prove anything, we are just looking for the people who say I'm one and that's not one - I'm a medium - that's one, I've got a big heart, I want to help. That is what we are looking for", Jodianne said.

"We must never forget the power of human self deception. We can be convinced of anything if we want to believe it", Dr. Wilson said.

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