Cheap TV's

Reporter: James Thomas

The world is flat or the world that is our lounge room is flat - flat screen.Australians spend more than four and a half billion dollars a year on our obsession with the technology and we often pay top dollar.But now, some entrepreneurial tech heads are taking on the big retailers, cutting out the middle man and selling their own brand of TVs, meaning not only is the world flat - its dead cheap too. Two geeks. 1 common enemy.

"We definitely want to have a crack at the big guys." You wont find Sunil Tyagi on Harvey Normans christmas card list."Customers will be saving up to 30 to 40%"The Good Guys don't like Ruslin Kogan much either."If you're the only person in Australia on that day who wants my TV, you'll get it for one cent" says Ruslin.

Sunil Tyagi once watched over one empire, as a Hungry Jacks manager. He's now building his own, creating his own range of high definition LCD screen Tvs, he's named, quite modestly, Tyagi."A major brand television will cost you $1300. This one will cost you $795.[Why? How can you do it so cheap?] Just because we don't have the overheads."

Sunil says he can offer discounts of up to 40% by cutting out the middle man, selling his range directly to customers via its website. No importers, agents and retailers fees."Benefit is cost saving. How we run our operation is all direct to customer base, we buy it direct to customer base."

23 year old Ruslin Kogan also makes his range of TV's. Modestly, he too has labelled them with his own surname - Kogan."What that means is its making technology more accessible for the average Joe, previously they'd have to pay up to a thousand dollars for a GPS unit, now they can pick one up for $300."Not content with just TV's, Ruslin also makes GPS phones, keyless locks and digital photo frames.Competing quality wise with the big brands, Ruslin even uses some of their parts in his range.

"One of the components used in my TV's is Samsung, its the LCD panel "I've searched through hundreds of different products in China tested them all, whichever one I thought was the best I decided to bring in." "Its the luck of the draw, its a big gamble when you buy things on ebay however if you're getting it at a good price." Gadget expert Peter Blessina says buyers must be cautious buying televisions not aligned with more mainstream brands. "I'm not criticising the product I'm just saying its a real case of buyer beware, you don't have a store to go back to if you need to replace it."

But Ruslan Kogan says not only are all his products come with warranties but extensive customer service.Meanwhile, Tyagi is averaging 300 sales a month and he's got Harvey and Bing in his sights.

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