Best Packaged Foods

'Reporter: Laura Sparkes

As our lives get busier, the convenience of packaged food to save time is quickly becoming a necessity.With this being the case, the healthy aspect of these foods then comes into question.Women's Health magazine has put together a list of the 125 best packaged foods, and editor Felicity Percival believes the choice of almost 30,000 in your local supermarket can be a bit daunting."You can go into a bit of analysis paralysis, and go a bit crazy, because you don't know what to choose," Percival said."We looked at the nutritional, fat, kilojoule, sodium and sugar content, through it all in the mix and produced the best ones."Dietician for Food and Nutrition Australia Sharon Natoli, analysed the comparisons and compiled the final list.


When you are looking at breads and cereals look for the highest fibre choices and those that are made with whole grains.


When it comes to chocolate, look for an 85 per cent cocoa chocolate. It's giving you plenty of antioxidants and we know the fat in chocolate does not affect your cholesterol level as much as other types of fat.


When it comes to savoury snacks, nuts are a great choice because they are high in fibre and give you healthy fats. These are particularly good because they come in convenient single serves.


Country Cup Wholegrain Noodles is the best cup-a-soup on the market not just because of its whole grains, but it is also lower on salt.

With tinned soup, try Heinz Sweet Potato and Pumpkin. It has 58 per cent vegies and no added colours, flavours or preservatives.

Canned Foods

Tinned salmon is actually a better choice than tuna because of its high omega 3 content which is great for a healthy heart and brain, as well as better eye functioning.

TV Dinners

When it comes to frozen meals look for those that are lower in sodium, saturated fats and have got a lot of vegetables in them.

The Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine ranges are a good "once in a while" option. Just watch the sauces. But here is the very best packaged meal combination.


Frozen vegetables are great because they are just vegetables that are snapped frozen so they retain their nutritional value pretty much equivalent to fresh vegetables.

And a whole piece of salmon that has been frozen is a great choice, so put these together and you have a quick healthy meal in minutes.

The full list of 125 best packaged foods is in this month's Women's Health Magazine.