Reporter: Gavin Alder

It's not that long since former model Bessie Bardo and her husband announced they were giving away everything they owned, and taking to the open road.In their words, let go of their old ways, start over... and find a new life direction.They've been overwhelmed by the response.

It's all up for grabs a car, a scooter, a flat screen TV, furniture and computers and so much more, you name it, it's there for the taking. Bessie Bardo and husband Geoff are embarking on what they call "The Life Change Experience" giving it all away to get away. "The minute the stuff got out of the house and onto the garden it was like a weight was taken off my shoulders it was like that is gone, past is gone, new beginning, anything can happen." Geoff said.

With more than 9 million hits on their website and 40,000 emails requesting a helping hand, it's been difficult to whittle it all down to the most needy."The thing that upset me the most was just how many people needed stuff and just feeling we only have so much it was just one household worth and there are so many people." Bessie says.

Not everyone could make it to collect their gift. Laura Peters lost everything in the Victorian bushfires. She is about to receive 2 leather couches. "You can't imagine what its like to lose absolutely everything and have people come forward and give donations like that has been fantastic."

Pack and Send are generously delivering those lounge chairs and other items to needy families around Australia, if you are a business that would like to help out you can go to