Australian Post Auction

Reporter: Mark Gibson

What do a fancy watch, a stainless steel tea pot and a set of bongo drums have in common?They were all sent in the post.. and they all failed to reach their destination. "Every week our Returned Mail Office receives up to 3000 mail items...And we probably match up about 50% of those items will find their way to where they're meant to be."

The other fifty per cent end up here at Australia Post's twice yearly clean-out.. hundreds and hundreds of unclaimed items about to go under the hammer. "They're items that are unclaimed and unable to be delivered." Suzanne Browne from Australia Post."Our staff, the team at the Returned Mail Office, their job is to look through those items and try and find out who they're meant to go to or who they're from."

There's an eight hundred dollar i-phone.. a football signed by Dockers captain Matthew Pavlich.. a Liverpool soccer shirt signed by Spanish superstar Fernando Torres.. something for the ladies, the blokes, little boys and little girls.The timing's not bad either. Just when the credit card's copping a Christmas caning, this could be a good way to pick up some presents for a fraction of the price.

Suzanne says "This Christmas auction is usually our largest and last year it raised, the same auction raised over $15,000." It's for a good cause too. "The money that's raised is given to a charity and this year it's the Cancer Council of WA." And there's a lesson in all of this - make sure your mail is addressed properly.. put the sender's details on the back.. and don't forget the postcode. "For example there's a Fitzroy in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and WA so if you just put Fitzroy, Joe Jones, 10 something street Fitzroy, that's not necessarily going to get where it needs to go."

Australia Post unclaimed mail auction is on tomorrow morning at Ross's Auctions, 241 Railway Parade Maylands. Viewing from 9am, auction at 9.30am.