4 Ingredients

Reporter: Rebecca Bergh

They're the Aussie mums who've whipped the cooking world into a frenzy with their best selling four ingredients cookbook.

"14 months ago we were driving around the suburbs of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast delivering these books door to door. Sitting in little ladies houses having cups of teas and talking about recipes."

Now they have a best seller on their hands. More than 720,000 copies. The only book to do better was the last instalment of Harry Potter.

The franchise is such a hit that Rachel and Kims husbands' Glen and Paul have quit their jobs to become stay at home dads.

Opportunity has knocked twice - the girls are about to launch their own sequel.

"We were inundated with fabulous.. fabulous recipes... We still are it's absolutely amazing."

"And to have filmed our own TV show.. oh my god, not in a million years!"

That's right - move over Gordon Ramsay, Rachel and Kim will hit our television screens next month with a new six part series on pay TV.

Next they're out to conquer Europe.

"Four or less and it is all the salads, the meats, the sweets, the biscuits... four or less ingredients."

They say it took just three ingredients for their runaway success - lashings of hard work, a dash of self belief and a pinch of luck.

"It's a simple little book, sometimes I think in a world where everyone is busier and the pace is frenetic the simplistic ideas are often the best."

For more information visit www.4ingredients.com.au