It's been described as almost like winning the lottery a cheque in the mail you never counted on and we're not talking about lost superannuation this time. Virtually anyone paying normal household and car bills can recoup rebates, lots of extra money in their pocket!! We've been swamped with viewer contacts ever since we told you about this hidden stash because it's been Australia's best kept secret.

Helen Wellings has more on how you can get it, and be hundreds to thousands of dollars richer every year.

Some clients tell us we are like Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny all rolled into one.

"I spent five minutes online and now I'm 3,000 dollars richer." Said Kevin Cheney

"I got $2361 back, money that's mine. I've paid for nothing. It's great. Said Rodney Webb

Across Australia it's a stampeed!

In just one week, since we publicised how anyone can get rebates on a range of household bills, hundreds of thousands of families have claimed more than three and a half million dollars, $1,700 each on average. Money that's rightfully theirs but for years has been pocketed by redundant brokers and advisors.

"It's come at a fantastic time, couldn't be happier." Said Fiorella Kris-Major

"I saw it on Today Tonight, I didn't realise you could get so much back." Said Rodney

Electricians like Rodney Webb, office worker Fiorella Kris-Major got just over 1500 dollars back.

"I found out about your share from Today Tonight show." Said Kevin a Retiree

Horticulturalist Geoffrey Duxfield, personal investor Catherine Rule said.

"I've got almost $20,000 back in the last 3 years."

"I had no idea it was $6000 over 5 years." Said Geoffrey

Thousands of dollars richer. They've claimed rebates on fees and commissions built into insurance premiums on health, travel, home contents and building, disability, income protection, superannuation, home mortgages, investments. And they can keep raking it in year after year!

"I got just over 1,500 dollars which is going straight into the savings account, my partner and I are going overseas next year and this will definitely help." Said Fiorella

"It's better than getting your tax back." Said Rodney

Australians are only just starting to wake up to the fact that they can recoup commissions and fees. $5 million a year IS being rebated.

But, more than $14 BILLION of commissions are paid to brokers and companies. So there's a massive vault of unclaimed money waiting to go into your pocket.

People are telling us they're fed up with paying fees and commissions to an advisor or broker that they haven't heard from in years.

Stewart Westhoff CEO of YourShare Plus, one of around 11 commission rebate service companies that can retrieve money for you says you're mad not to claim, although with some financial products you may need to change companies to get your rebate.

People sometimes have to switch product. Certain companies and certain products don't have fees and commissions on them such as industry super funds, other companies keep the fees and commissions in house to pay their own internal sales people.

A survey conducted by Smartinvestor Magazine comparing commission rebate service companies, shows they vary widely.What they charge you to process your claims ranges from nothing to 50% of a portion of the rebate. And they differ in how often they pay the rebate and how many financial products they can retrieve rebates from.

To claim, you register your details online. That transfers the servicing rights of your insurances, loans, super and so forth to a commission rebate company, so instead of fees being pocketed by a broker or advisor no longer working for you, they go to the rebate company, then to you.

There are millions of people out there with millions of products that are paying billions of dollars in fees and commissions that we can help, we've barely scratched the surface with the hundred thousand people who contacted us last week so we're looking forward to helping more people.

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