Reporter: Tineka Everaardt

It's estimated one in four of us have trouble sleeping most nights and the answer could literally be right under your nose.

Mould and fungi expert, Doctor Heike Kemp says "In our pillows are actually living creatures -- we have dust mites, we have fungi and we have bacteria".

And those creepy crawlies may cause havoc with your health. "People might have allergic reaction, they sneeze, they have stuffy nose, we get chronic fatigue, change in behaviour, we can have itchy skin, eye, nose, throat irritation", Dr. Kemp said.

Amelia Tinsley is one of those affected. After discovering she was allergic to dust mites, her mother Michelle gave the five year old a new pillow and doona and the results were comforting. "She wasn't sneezing as much. I think as a parent you need to do what you need to do to keep her sleeping environment as clean as possible", Michelle said.

"It's time to wake up Australia -- we're replacing your old pillows", said General Manager of Tontine, Adam Heathcote.

Starting on Thursday, for three days only, Tontine will swap your old pillow for a new one -- for free.

"What we wanted was to try and help Australians to make the change, which is why we did put a date stamp on our pillows which is a friendly reminder to change your pillow in two years' time", Adam added.

You can also maintain a healthy bed by regularly washing and vacuuming your pillows as well as airing them out -- and hopefully that'll have you sleeping easy once more.

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