With millions already sold, could some of Apple's new iPhones be lemons?

Ross Sewell isn't doing high-fives over his one thousand dollar outlay. "I'm just disappointed with this phone", he said.

While Apple claims the thinner, larger iPhone 5 boasts new technology 'increasing its battery life', Ross disagrees -- his keeps running out every few hours, even when he's not using the phone. "You'd expect iPhone 5 would at least keep its charge", Ross said.

It's a common complaint, with Apple anger spreading on-line.

"It's such a big brand, people are jumping onto social media to complain", said Liana Pappas, from consumer technology magazine, Macworld.

"Personally I've had a few Wi-Fi issues .. not connecting with the Wi-Fi network", Liana added.

Other complaints include iPhone 5 turning up with scratched surfaces and with tests showing they're more easily damaged by keys and coins.

Apple also appears to have taken the wrong direction by replacing Google with its own mapping service -- locations not where they should be or simply disappearing. And the company's decision to use a smaller connector port means old chargers, docks and other accessories no longer fit. "None of the things I have really work anymore because it's different back and plugs on the bottom of it", Ross said.

As stores across the country run out of stock, clearly not everyone has a hang-up with the new iPhone.

While the company concedes there have been concerns about the new map application, other than that iPhone 5 is the best yet -- although some long-time Apple users might disagree. "If I'd done some research and knew about the problems, perhaps I would have considered a Samsung", Ross said.

Apple says customers with concerns should contact them on 133-622.