Fruit and Vege Survey

Graeme Butler

You only have to walk through a supermarket or fresh grocer to know how much prices vary and how fierce the competition can be ... but do you get bang for you buck if you pay more... does cheap mean tasteless? We've asked a panel to do what you probably have never done - taste the cheapest up against the most expensive.

Steve Mills from 6PR, Olga Demoeller Fresh writer from the West and Chef Matt Connell from Future Now Hospitality

The first test was carrots; both samples were from markets. The second sample was more than a bit wobbly for the wrong reasons. While the most expensive carrots were $2.00 a kilo the average was $1.79. The cheapest just 99 cents at Coventry square markets in Morley.

Bananas used to be a luxury but they're back on the menu..But if it's price you're after Bananas ranged from $4.99 a kilo at several supermarkets. To the cheapest $1.99 at stalls at Coventry and Fremantle markets, Hilton Fresh, and Fresh Today Garden City -

Lettuce was almost the same price across the city the most expensive was $2.99 - the cheapest was $1.69 at the Five seasons fresh at coventry square. For Onions you could pay up to $4.98 a kilo - the cheapest was $1.24 a kilo at woolworths willagee.

Barry Urquhart from Marketing Focus says delivering fresh value for money is the new retail battleground. Woolworths has recently responded to criticism by improving its fresh guarantee it' will refund or replace fruit and vegies if you're not happy with the freshness.

In our survey Mushrooms had the biggest price varience - the most expensive was $16.99 a kilo while most prices hovered around the 12 dollar mark... the cheapest just $7.99 a kilo at Le's Family Fresh in Forestfield -

Our next taste test is tomato... one is from a supermarket the other from a fresh market. The $2.99 a kilo tomatoes were at a variety of fresh grocers and markets ( Livingston Fresh, Le's in Forestfield, Fresh Today Garden City, Gwelup Fresh, Five seasons at coventry and the subiaco markets ) now what about comparing apples with apples.. these are pink ladies.

The cheapest in our survey was $1.99 at Coventry Square Markets in Morley five dollars a kilo cheaper than the most expensive.

Martin Clarke from the chamber of fruit and vegetables industries.. which represents wholesalers in W.A, he says there are many reasons for price variations.

Broccoli ranged from the most expensive $7.99 a kilo down to $3.99 a kilo at Five seasons at Coventry Square markets. Our next taste test was a red capsicum

The cheapest capsicums we found were $3.99 a kilo at Livingston Fresh in Canningvale and Five Season Fresh at Coventry Square.

The basket price varied enormously... from the most expensive at $69.68 to the cheapest $40.05 at Five season fresh at the Coventry Square Market. Thats a difference of 74%