Recommended Retail Price for the Brumby's PureBake range:

Core range (Biggest sellers)

Sandwichloaves (white, wholemeal): $3.80

Sandwichloaves wholemeal grain: $4.00

12 cereal loaf: $4.10

Hi Fibre Low GI: $4.00


Vienna: $3.90

Tiger bread: $4.80

Sourdough Farmhouse loaf: $5.30

Bread rolls: $0.70 - $1.30


High fibre medium (GI 59) Sodium 303mg: Fat total: 1.3g (Saturated) 0.2g: Dietary Fibre: 3.3g: Carbohydrate: 30.3g.

Wholemeal Sodium 272mg: Fat total: 1.7g (Saturated) 0.3g: Dietary Fibre: 3.9g: Carbohydrate: 21.8g.

12 Cereal Sodium 284mg: Fat total: 2.1g (Saturated) less than 1g: Dietary Fibre: 3.0g: Carbohydrate: 22.3g.

White per serving Sodium 297mg: Fat total: 1.2g (Saturated) 0.2g: Dietary Fibre: 1.7g: Carbohydrate: 27.2g.

Serving size 62g (2 slices of bread)