Reporter: Adene Cassidy

It's almost summer; the time of year when we start to panic about our bodies, how can we look lighter and slimmer instantly?

Well there is a way says Melissa Hoyer "I mean there are so many types of shapewear, you know there are pieces that bring your tummy in, bring your bum in, there are stockings that really give your legs this amazing sheen and suddenly you get a bum!"

Old fashioned corsetry reinvented in under garments.

While there's nothing new about shape wear, Kim, Beyoncé and Gwyneth don't walk the red carpet without it

What is new 3 garments, a bra, stockings & a bodysuit all promising to target specific body parts using the latest technology & fabric to really suck you in.

Hosiery hasn't been fashionable since the 80's and for that most of us were grateful!

But since Kate Middleton won't put a princess foot forward without it, it's back. Sales in the UK have increased by as much as 90%. And now says style commentator Melissa Hoyer you can wear it to get your very own J-lo bottom.

"Well the great thing about these is that they really give you a bottom, because I think the one thing is we get a bit older and you want your bum back so these absolutely do. They give you that nice round, they give you that smoothness that you want when you're wearing a really tight dress."

Take a look at these before and after shots without the stockings there is an obvious difference with the black and even the translucent nude. The hosiery has been designed with shaping panels to lift and shape. By the time you're dressed, the look is streamlined.

"The art to wearing stockings, particularly in summer is for no one to really know that you've got them on, your legs look great, and they look sort of sheeny and shiny."

Moving up the body to a part most women love to loathe the stomach Thanks to lady gaga bodysuits in the form of shapewear are making a comeback, and making it easier for women to hide the muffin top. This bodysuit is made from mesh and tricot - a patented technology.

Belinda Roelefs says "It's actually surprising it's people of all ages, like we have young girls as young as 16 buying it, right up to as old as it goes in that it's very smoothing and flattering to all shapes."

Owner of a lingerie boutique Belinda Roelofs says shapewear is no longer just underwear. It can be layered and worn as clothing.

"It's amazing how many people come in and they'll have a picture of Lady Gaga or they'll have an idea that they've got form a Lady Gaga clip or something and they're looking for something that's high-waisted, but definitely something to wear as outer wear."

Back fat, it's elusive we can't see it but everyone else can!

"Back fat's the worst thing for a girl, it's really disgusting and it can also be painful, but I'm completely smoothed out now and you can't see a thing which is just great." Says model Mercy

Like the muffin top back fat is hard to get rid of, but thanks to a new shapewear bra it can be disguised.

"So there is a bra that's out there that is claiming to actually smooth it all out, there's no wires and there's banding." Melissa Hoyer asks

Using 3 layers of fabric this bra claims to smooth the fat out evenly, leaving no lines. You can see the difference for yourself.

Like any purchase it's important to try shapewear before you buy, it works differently on all body types. Some garments can be stifling or simply shift fat deposits from one place to another.

Melissa Hoyer agrees "So really do your research, try it all on, i mean stockings it's a bit hard to try those on but certainly everything else, go and try them on like you would a real piece of fashion because it is becoming such an important part of your wardrobe, go and try it on!"

Mary Holland