Reporter: Josh Fajzullin

The retirement age is going up but the age when many workers are being thrown to the scrap heap is going down, with now 5 million Australian's over 50 many are finding they are unemployable.

It's been years since over 50 Ian has had meaningful employment.

On the verge of giving up, all he wants is a full time job just like thousands of older Australians. And tonight we'll show you how to make age no barrier. With employment Guru Jane Anderson literally in his ear Ian will get a makeover and be coached by remote through interview after interview.

Michael O'Neill from National Seniors Australia says Ian represents thousands of Australians who are being over looked for jobs purely because of their age what's more older Australian's are being forced back into a job as their superannuation evaporates.

With Ian now looking the part Jane says he needs to sound right too

Now for the real thing

They're looking for a car audio salesperson.

"Say been in electronics for 5 years, ask him if he's got a business card" advises Jane

Another store.. another potential employer.

"You got a smile on your face Ian, deep breath, full of confidence." She says

Ian's worked at battery stores before surely he's got a good chance.

"Just ask if he has 5 minutes, ask him do you employ senior people?"

No issues but not much luck so far even with Jane's input.

"OK poor Ian was probably feeling a little bit fobbed off and that's really hard."

"I guess when all else fails all you can do is leave them your resume." Admits Ian

"We're certainly losing people who've got enormous hands on experience." Says Michael

This leagues club needs a bistro assistant.

"Ask what type of person they're looking for Ian."

We're losing communication. He'll have to go it alone.

Despite losing communication, Ian reports back "Hi Jane I think I nailed this one."

This takeaway needs someone front of house.

"Tell them you really like the pizzas that they make and say you can give her all of those plus a big smile you won't let her down."

Ian's confidence is soaring.

Jane reminds him "the number one thing is rapport, rapport, rapport, everytime!!"

Tell them making sales really gives me a buzz

Ian uses this advice to tell his potential employer the benefits of making sales. "It does give you a buzz making sales because you know you're getting repeat business coming back to you."

This whitegoods outlet is after a dynamic team member. But Ian loses focus.

"All of those roles were on the data entry side but they also involved customer service roles"

He saved himself but overall another good result.

At this Drake Supa IGA interview.. Ian nails every line.

Jane advises "Shake her hand and say hire me I won't let you down." And Ian does just that

"I wish i could do this for all my clients but that's simply not possible and for people going for job interviews and need more confidence they can go and get a job coach who can help with those answers and they can get the job they want." She says

Our job whisperer says the tips she's given Ian will work for any job seeker regardless of their age. In the washup. Ian's been offered positions at Drakes and Brisbane whitegoods the dilemma now is choosing which job he wants a choice he's never experienced in his working life.

Ian concludes "Do not allow yourselves to take knockbacks, just find a solution, find a solution like i did and go for it."