Assuming you're not a dud though, you could be in the running to rent the Fishers' 35 square metre home for one dollar a week.

According to Bill, "we just haven't got the time or energy to be able to look after our own place - the property as well as the house and garden."

There's no catch in this deal. It's one of many properties on offer by country communities around Australia, hoping to lure decent folk to the bush to add life to their towns. It is known as the one dollar Rentafarmhouse scheme.

Two hours from Dubbo, Quambone's Justine Bucknell and Linda O'brien admit their town may appear a little quiet at first - the pool is not the biggest, the library is far from grand and the tennis court is in need of a hit out. But the pub serves cold beer, peak hour is a dream, and the people are down to earth and honest.

Peter Moppett is Quambone's resident charmer. He's added his house to the one dollar a week Rentafarmhouse scheme, and he's offering work as well.

"There is work here on this particular farm. But moreover there is plenty of general contract work in the district," Moppett said.

Mudging on past experience the scheme is bound to be a success.

Alf and Nicole Pepler moved into a home in Cumnock, four hours north west of sydney three years ago. And they haven't looked back since.

Alf is an electrician by trade, and has had plenty of work. Nicole has turned the house into a home and says the community of Cumnock are like family.

"The people are just marvellous really. no dramas, no back biting - just 'how are you going', and 'g'day'."

Christine Wilson started the first one dollar Rentafarmhouse program in Cumnock. Some say the scheme saved the town.

"Cumnock is living proof that it works," she said.

"Out of the ten people who moved here, paying one dollar, nine are still here."

And so are their partners and their children. That means the school bus remains full, teachers stay employed, and the cafe does a roaring trade.

And when it comes to country living, it's the little things that make a big difference.

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