Reporter: Lynda Kinkade

Keeping up appearances is costly but there are savings if you buy in bulk. Years of sun damage has seen Sharon Mallia age beyond her 42 years. Keen to steer away from a full facelift, Sharon's undergoing 10 mini procedures, hoping to look 10 years younger.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Daniel Lanzer, from the College of Dermatologists, says, "The laser will make a real difference to the skin texture, make that a lot smoother, then we use the other laser to take all the skin around the eyes, the puffiness...

A laser will remove excess skin on the top and bottom of Sharon's eyes; laser resurfacing will erase wrinkles as well as those freckles. A suture lift will fix her droopy cheeks; liposculpture for the neck and botox will smooth out the crow's feet, while a filler will plump-up the lips, eyelids and cheeks.

As the ten procedures happen in the one operation, Sharon avoids paying multiple anaesthetists and operating room fees -- the bulk package cutting her costs in half.

42 year old medical receptionist Beata Franke has always want a butt like Beyonce.

Physician Dr Gavin Chan from the Victorian Cosmetic Institute says business has grown by 50% in the last year and perhaps surprisingly, men now make up 10% of his clientele.

Liposuction can cost around $4- $13,000 per area -- the stomach lipo plus Brazilian butt lift combined is $10,000. One week later and Beeta's outcome is 'Bootylicious'!

"Every procedure has risks. Even though we do thousands, things can still happen", Dr Lanser said.

Before booking in for any type of cosmetic procedure, patients are advised to do their research on the procedure and doctor -- and seek a second opinion.

As for Sharon, 10 days after surgery, she can't believe how much younger she looks and Sharon's husband Chris agrees.

"As long as she looks after herself and protects herself from the sun, she'll get a long lasting result from this", Dr Lanzer said.

For more details on those procedures:

* 10-in-one Procedures.. Contact Dr Daniel Lanzer.


* Brazillian Butt Lift - Contact Dr Gavin Chan, The Victorian Cosmetic Institute.


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