Free Pay TV II

Reporter: James Thomas

Last night we brought you Jamie Balzan and his site "" his online answer to escaping the increasing costs of pay TV.

Pay Jamie instead, for $50 dollars his site will give you more channels than you'll ever need... But stop right there.

"The guy last night was selling something you can get for free... He was just trying to make a quick buck" says Lucie.

Why pay Jamie a dime when you can in fact download pay TV for absolutely nothing, zippo not a cent according to IT manager Matt Mcmahon. "If you have an average computer at home... 15 to 20 minutes and you'll have it all."

After last night's story we were contacted by Matt who says free programming off the web is so accessible these days anyone can do it.

Step one; choose the site which will enable you to download your favourite program. Just Google "free tv" and you'll get thousands of options. But Matt mentions the biggies. "The two main ones are joost and tvu."

Step 2; choose what you want to watch.

Step 3; The best things in life really are for free.

"Is it legal for people to go and use these sites and download material.

It is not illegal to use the site ... that is perfectly legal, when you go to download the movies they are all copyrighted movies or television programs or videos, that is illegal." But as our resident IT expert Peter Blasina explains, everybody's doing it. "The reality is, it is highly unlikely they are going to get a knock on the door."

Surely millions of people downloading programs for free is a major headache for companies that actually pay millions for the right to charge you.

"Absolutely, it is a huge issue and the thing is, it is so easy to get all this content off the internet... and how do you address it? Everytime it is encoded or locked up, somebody cracks it. You just can't beat it" adds Peter.

And if you can't beat it, join the free TV revolution - you can bet your kids already have.

"It is a generational thing, the 20 something's and below are doing this thousands of times a day" says Peter.

And remember not only is it free... it's easy.

"The easiest way of doing this is just put "free movies" into Google and click find search whatever and bingo, you have hundreds if not thousands of sites which help you do it" adds Peter.

Welcome to the free new world!