Indian Billionaires

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Eight years ago Pancaj Oswal had never heard of the Burrup Peninsula that would one day make him a billionaire... never even heard of Perth... that was until this, Rally Australia. The Oswal team didn't' win the rally - but it delivered an un-expected prize anyway. Pancaj had asked his team to check on W.A's resources sector for opportunities - that led to this - the establishment of a billion dollar ammonia and fertilizer plant... it's about to undergo a further expansion... he aims to make it the biggest in the world. "It's about a billion dollar now putting everything together now ammonian will be another six hundred so give or take nearly about 2 billion assets just in one place- what are you worth oh I try not to answer that question I'll let the people guess I don't' know"

It might be anyone's guess just what the Oswals are worth but they could certainly afford to live anywhere in the world they liked - they've chosen Perth. "Do you think it's dullsville? no not at all it depends upon how you look at it you know people come from New York, LA, Delhi they might think it's dullsville but once you start to stay here it' grabs you it tends to hog you up and then you don't feel like leaving"

"India is colourful, India's got people it's got life , this is quiet but it's got discipline you know it's got a different perspective, different values they're very disciplined values and I think it b rings out the best in a person to have different values" Pacaj and Wife Radika moved with their children from Delhi to live in Perth seven years ago - they're now planning to build a $50 million slice of India on the swan - its' rumored to become Australia's most expensive home... 3000 square metres, the size of a dozen tennis courts.

The Oswals bought up several blocks in Mosman Park - for 23 million dollars... and while the initial plans raised some eyebrows over the height, it's now been revised down. The designers of the house usually build resorts... like Africa's Sun City - to capture the essence of India the Oswals sent them to their spiritual advisor. "We had to make sure the architecture was absolutely Indian I mean that's' what we wanted so we sent them back there to sort of see the temples to see what Indian culture is about"

The Guru they sent the designers to see is Bhaishri a spiritual leader to thousands of devotees. The Oswals often seek advise from Bhaishri on everything from business to family. The Oswals are hoping the people of Perth will also share their belief in Bhaishri's wisdom; they're hosting three days of public sessions in Perth. "I guess it's just love you've got to be loved sometimes and I guess his love is you know without any it's an all encompassing love like a mother farther guru brother sister friend all in one you don't need anything else just what it is"

Further Information

Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza is Visiting Perth.

He will be holding five free public talks beginning Friday June 6

Sessions are held on the Esplanade Perth

Friday June 6

( 6.00pm - 8.30)

Saturday June 7

( 9.30am - 12.00 noon )

(5.30pm - 8.00pm)

Sunday June 8

(9.30am - 12.00noon )

(5.30pm - 8.00pm )