Bathroom Products

Producer: Darren Ally

120 testers can't be wrong. Especially after trialling and rating the most popular bathroom cleaners. Each tested an average 44 times, to produce the most comprehensive breakdown on which household cleaner scrubs up best.

Christopher Zinn from Choice has these results: "Bathrooms are probably bigger than they've ever been, people have more bathrooms than they've ever had. There's really more cleaning that needs to be done. We tested very well known Domestos, we tested Bi-Carbonated soda, we tested Orange spray cleaner, some foams - a number of different bathroom cleaners just to see how they stacked up.

People tested out, they filled out forms recording ease of use, how efficient it was getting rid of bathroom mould, how efficient it was getting rid of soap SCUM and also in terms of the fragrance. The liquid bleaches and the sprays, chemicals had a higher ease of use score than the more natural products like Bi-Carbonate soda or Orange based spray.

Domestos won the best buy category of all of them, it came out significantly on top of the others in terms of getting rid of soap scum and also in terms of removing mould. So people found it easy to use, the only downside was some people didn't like the fumes and the smell.

Bi Carbonated Soda, our triallists found that as well as taking more effort to clean it really wasn't as good a cleaner as they expected.

Those ones that have warnings actually on the labels in terms of you should use them in a ventilated area, you should wear gloves etc. People did report irritation, not serious, but to their nose, perhaps to their skin if it was exposed, might be something that will pass, some had it worse than others.

The Orange Power spray would market itself as the most natural in a market sense, but really our trialists found that when it came to removing the mould and the soap scum it really wasn't nearly as easy to use as those harsher chemicals, so it really is a balancing act.

What drives the bathroom cleaner either rightly or wrongly is the ease of use, people want something they can wave a magic wand and a bit of a bathroom cleaner and there isn't one germ left. Prevention is always better than cure, and when it comes to mould and mildew in bathrooms, its actually better to ventilate the bathroom, switch the fan on, get the air moving, get rid of some of that moisture, that will control the mould much better than all the sprays and bleaches you could possibly put on."