Young Inventors

Reporter: Andrew Bourke

He's the new breed of Aussie inventor and surfers across the country are going to love his invention, A fold up surfboard. "The concept of the concept of the collapsible surfboard has been around since 1964 so the concept isn't particularly new but the execution of it, the quick release fins and the self centering pin joints which hold the board together are says Nick Notara", a finalist in the Australian Design awards, Dyson student of the year.

The competition is a national quest to find our brilliant young inventors, like Damien Savio and his revolutionary new window's, "They are based around the breezeway louve system, so in the window there's panels that open and close, in each panel there's a layer of transparent nano technology solar cells and on the other side is a layer of organic lighting mini dio so during the day the solar cell absorbs light energy and then at night the OED lights up the house at night and its all stored inside a battery inside the window frame'.

By day it's just an ordinary window...but when it gets dark, it becomes a battery that powers the whole house and it would mean a massive saving around the home or in office buildings or where ever you used it because you wouldn't have the need for incandescent or fluro lightbulbs anymore", says Damien

From the technical electronic pacemaker or black box flight recorder to the hills hoist clothesline and the humble Victa lawnmower... These new creations from young designers could well determine how we power our house, how much money we save or how many lives we can save.

The BEDU emergency rapid response product is essentially an all in one survival kit for disaster relief in disaster areas. It's a complete emergency kit in a drum. The BEDU is the size of a 44 gallon drum and everything packs into it that you need to survive. "You take everything out when you get there and the drum itself turns into a water purifying system and inside there's a stove, a tent, solar panels, and radios-there's everything you need to actually survive", says inventor Toby McInnes. Once opened, the drum contains enough gear to keep a family of 8 for 5 years. This invention has the potential to revolutionise disaster and emergency relief yet it was almost impossible to get this product this far. "It's incredibly frustrating, its really hard to get the money and work so hard to design it and prototype it and the whole way thru its a struggle and the money's just not there. You just have to get used to not working with any money" believes Toby.

Design is at the core of Dyson creators of the world's most advanced vaccum cleaner which was invented by James Dyson who is putting his money back into developing the next generation of inventors. "These awards put young industrial designers on the radar of potential investors and are a networking opportunity money can't buy", say's Dyson Managing Director Ross Cameron who believes most of the finalist's, if not all of them will get a job offer on the night. Regardless of who wins the competition, these inventions have the potential to be a part of our everyday lives