Lotto Volunteers

Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson

Thirty nine retired volunteers celebrate their division one prize of three hundred and seventy five thousand dollars. These devoted workers at the Joondalup Health Campus have been playing in a lotto syndicate for two years. A couple of bucks a week, has paid off....landing them ten thousand dollars each......roughly their pension for a whole year. But the win won't be enough to stop these volunteers giving up their jobs.....Maxine Monk's the volunteer leader who organises the syndicate. Maxine's had eight brushes with cancer and is currently having treatment for breast cancer. Most of Maxine's share of the winnings'll be spent on her therapy....She says the win's boosted her strength to keep fighting. And when she's better...."we might even go on a holiday when all this is over."

The Joondalup Health Campus says they need more volunteers, so if you want to get lucky, and help a worthy cause, check our website for how you can help them out Call Maxine on 9400 9456.