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Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson

It's the hot topic at the moment, affordable living....the housing stress and the rental squeeze...and on the eve of another interest rate hike...families are looking for a cheap and easy option.....and is this it?

A three bedroom home...built in a couple of days. "Within just two days you've got a house that's at lockup and you can move in the third day it's just amazing." Amanda Fitzgerald and her fiance didn't want to wait up to two years to build a house. "We've had family member who have been building and recently and just the delays that happen with bricks and mortar and we thought we want to try and skip all that and get down here as quickly as possible." And for just a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, it's got everything you need and it's half the price of a brick home. "It's got the bathroom, the shower, beautiful vanities, the kitchens got a dishwasher and all the mod cons, beautiful stove and oven, options of gas and electricity which is great, bamboo flooring just makes it look amazing."

These home's never been built in Australia and WA's got the first four....two in Perth and two in the country. "The unit travels as as sea container but obviously as you can see it's not a sea container and opens up to become a very upmarket house" Roy Justice, General Manager of Habode. "In the metropolitan area they are typically including connection of services between 150, 155 thousand and in the country regions which is where it really comes into it's own around 170, 000."

Other families around Australia have discovered their own housing solutions by simply thinking outside the square...."this is no joke this is our house and it's completely made of straw. "Unlike the story of the the three little pigs...Jo Armstrong has managed to keep the wolves at bay....his house of straw will structurally withstand the elements and it hasn't blown out his budget. "I must say we were pleasantly surprised when it was finished it was one of those situations when we got more than we thought. "

It cost him fifteen thousand dollars ten years ago...built mostly of recycled materials with a traditional roof and concrete slab ....and in just two weeks. "Cool in summer warm in winter and everything one could possibly need. "

Bruce Has Million Dollar Views Over The Gold Coast Hinterland...But It Cost No Where Near That. "This House Behind Us Was $136 000..." When He Couldn't Get Building Approvals And Contruction Quotes Started To Escalate He Went Back To Basics..."if I had the time and I wasn't working I would have done the work on the weekends and could have brought the price down to $50 000"

Keith Richardson From Ask Kit Homes Says Never Before Have People Needed To Find Alternate Ways To Get A Roof Over Their Heads..."with interest rates going up everyone's looking for more affordable options thats why people are coming to us.." 5 Years Ago He Had Just 20 Kit Homes On The Go.......Now It's 500...

Grant Dennis From The Urban Development Institute Of Australia Says People Are Being Forced To Look To New Housing Because Our Current System Is Failing." Interest rates are compounding the problem. The root cause is they're been a significant shortage of supply. Too long to get product to market and too many taxers and charges" But Amanda says the best part of her new home is.....she can take it with her. "The aim for us is maybe in five to ten years time to take this and do another sea scape change and head down south."

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