Bridget Black

Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson

Meet Bridget Van Herk.. easy one of the Perth's most impressive mums.....she's a qualified chemist, a mathematician and lecturer and if that's not enough, now after years of research she's successfully broken into the ruthless market of cosmetics, with her very own skin care range. "This all started because I was frustrated with some products on the market I couldn't find anything that really suited my skin and I thought with a bit of time I could come up with something that was better and more affordable for everybody."

And it all began in her humble home...."Well I started in the kitchen, I started with my first serum which was a rejuvenating serum, and worked on that one and developed the whole products line, so it basically started right from scratch in the kitchen." And being a single parent to nine year old son Tristan, Bridget's had to juggle motherhood with full time work . But it's all paid off. Bridget now sells online to America and Japan, she's got products in salons, suppliers in Broome and Albany and has just opened her first shop in Cottesloe.

Dawn Pierce was one of the first customers who were so impressed she later decided to invest in the company. Now she manages the business and runs the store. "I wanted to see it go forward because I knew Bridget was passionate about it and everyday at work I could just see her passion and I think I just got hooked."

The main ingredients in the facial products are organic and allergy free. There's also a baby skincare "Bridget Black Sheep" and in a few months time, there'll be a men's range....cleverly named "Bridget Black's Bloke." ...and the best thing....everything's under a hundred dollars.

"If someone has trouble with their skin or has specific skin conditions they can come in and chat to me I can offer them a 40 point questionnaire and I can accurately diagnose their skin and recommend the best products for them." And even though most of the products are now produced in a lab, there's still a couple Bridget creates at home.....because these secret formulas are so special she refuses to make them public... "Down the track I'd like to see it as big and as successful as the body shop. Do you think that's going to happen? Absolutely!"

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