Free Gifts

Reporter: Jonathan Creek

If you love free stuff....then this is for you. T his is marketing: and it's winning. Cars to Computers, Holidays and Handbags even Jewellery and Clothes. The latest and One day a month, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products are being given away....

"I couldn't believe it, I thought, no that was too easy, it just can't be that easy, now I've got it in my hands I realise it was that easy." Vicky Blake won an Apple ipod. All she did was log on and register, naming the companies from whom she'd receive product information and special offers. That made her eligible to win the free products those companies put up for grabs on "free stuff" day. The catch is actually winning.....You have to be the first to click on the item when it randomly becomes any time during the twenty four hour period. "there was a few items that I really wanted and I had them all up on my screen, ready and waiting, kept refreshing and refreshing, I did have to refresh a lot and finally it came up that it was available and all I had to do was click on it and it said I had won, so it was that easy."

"I wanted a Nintendo wii before I heard about this site. It would have been on my Christmas list and then to get the Xbox 360 two months later was amazing" Richard Berry is a free stuff day veteran... So far, there've only been three giveaway days and he's has won on two of them. "You can get anything for free. If you had have told me that three months ago, I would have laughed but to get two products in three months, for the price of an internet connection, it's great and anyone can do it."

The kicker for the companies is that by registering an interest, consumers create a direct marketing super list. Allowing businesses to identify them for information and special offers. "They're only gong to get feedback or information from the companies that they themselves want to get feedback from" It's certainly a lot more cost effective than the old hit and miss method known, affectionately, as Junk mail. "we thought we want to give people a really good experience, learn about companies in a fun way, a way that rewards them but also give businesses a fantastic result in their marketing spend and free stuff day's worked a treat"

Peter Edwards claims the concept is about giving the consumer power and being rewarded, without their details being on sold. "it's not about being bombarded by businesses that you don't want to hear about, it's about choosing which businesses you want to learn more about and them having the opportunity to get free products and special offers from them"

"It's great for us as a business to be able to give something away rather than spending our advertising dollar in the usual way, where the consumer doesn't win out at all" Owner of Organise your Life, Clare Mcphee believes she is the winner, since she signed up as a business on the free stuff site. "We've had a 268% increase in subscribers and also a healthy 16% increase in sales so far so we're thrilled."

After just fifteen weeks there are more than forty thousand registered users, and close to sixty businesses vying for their interest .Next week Toyota will be giving away a car.

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