Christmas Gadgets

Reporter: Belinda Wilkinson

With so many gadgets to choose from, trying to find that perfect present can be a headache. Much depends on your budget, too, so we've surveyed Perth's top retailers for their suggestions, across a range of prices. First up, something for the daughters in your life...slippers...."they're cosy, and they massage my feet, and they light up in the dark, you press that button for the light, and that button for the massage." They're 25 dollars and also come in adult sizes. Hair clippers are practical and affordable. And the men in the family'll save on haircuts. They're about about forty five dollars.

Now, check these out. They're actually digital photo frames that can play up to 2000 different photos. "These ones are used by saving all the digital images you want on your digital camera memory card and then plugging it in and you can often use a remote control and just scroll through the different photos that you want to see or just leave it be as an ongoing slide show." The digital photos frames start at $130 dollars.

Ipods have been running hot for all ages, perfect for music lovers. They can hold thousands of songs, clips and videos. The ipod shuffle's about a hundred dollars and the latest version's the ipod touch for five hundred.

Ipod Shuffle $99

Ipod Nano $200

Ipod Touch $500

Now capturing those special moments on Christmas Day. Keith Turner from Rick Hart has some suggestions. "Well, we've got this one here which starts off at $169 which is a basic alround camera, 5 megapixel, good all-round camera, followed by this particular one here which is my favourite, which is underwater, $499 and shockproof to 1.5 metres."

C anon $219

Olympus Waterproof $499

Harvey Norman's Paul White reckons this'll be the most popular gift this Christmas. It's called Nintendo Wii. "It works on motion detection so these controllers have a motion detector in them and the console actually itself picks up the way you move and what you're doing so it can display it on the screen, so you turn from the character you see here to the character you see on the screen."

The Nintendo Wii's $400 dollars and it includes five games; tennis, golf, ten pin bowling, boxing, baseball. But if you'd like to go fishing in your lounge room, skateboarding, car racing, a game of start at 50 dollars.

These massage cushions are also proving popular, starting at about two hundred dollars or there's always the massage throne for a grand .

Something for more flicking through pages of the street directory...with these navigators he'll never get lost again. A basic car navigator's $399. And ones with a bigger screen and more memory are about a thousand.

For Christmas Day, a Beer Mate. Throw in a five litre keg of your favourite beer, and you've got it on tap. Karl Envangelista from Retravision. "If they choose to homebrew which a lot of people do in Australia, is we have a 5 litre self container where they can put there home brew into but you can also do things like ciders and other bits and pieces" The Beer Mate's 600 dollars and a 5 litre keg costs about 70 from most bottle shops.

And for mum....the latest coffee makers. "This is a fully automated Delonghi top of the line stainless steel coffee machine, the advantage of it is we can actually pour milk into this container, store it in the fridge, when we want a cappuccino, we come in slide it into position, hit cappuccino put a glass in and we basically get a cappuccino" This Delonghi coffee machine's top of the range at $3000 dollars A semi automated machine where you froth the milk yourself is about 800 or there's basic coffee makers for under a hundred.

Basic coffee maker $99

Semi-automated $800

Delonghi fully automated $2999

And getting up on the Christmas budget list - computers. "These laptops are the cheaper end of the market, so they're starting around about eight hundred dollars. And we expect to see about 4 or 5 models probably under a thousand dollars for Christmas." Otherwise there's mid range laptops for about $1700 or top end of the market - 20 inch screens with built in TV's for up to $6000.

Compaq Presario $800

NEC $1700

Hewlett Packard $6000

And for families needing a new TV, plasma and LCD are cheaper than ever. LG has a 26 inch LCD screen for $1000. Or if you've saved enough, you'll be able to turn your lounge room into a home theatre with this 65 inch Panasonic plasma....a bargain at 13 thousand dollars.

And to avoid problems after you've bought your Christmas presents, advice from Dave Hillyard from Consumer Protection. "Lets have a look at what sort of warranty's are provided, ask the salesman to show you what's being provided, make sure you hang on to receipts for products in the event you need to take them back, and find out whether there are store policies on returns in terms of what you need to do take back packaging, take back receipts."