Flabby Arms

Reporter: Marguerite McKinnon

It's a common sight and one most women cringe at. Flabby Arms... also known as bat wings, tuckshop arms...this from Kath and Kim." Maybe we just need to redo the spaghetti straps and then there's your fudoobadas." And don't forget that terrible put down when Kyle Sandilands criticised future Idol winner Kate DeAraugo.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Dr Ben Norris says in two years business has jumped 600 percent. Lynette Turner is a beautiful 37 year-old who hates her flabby arms. "I used to have you know nice toned slim arms and I noticed the difference is now I don't and I'd like them to look like that again." Lynette is getting a brachial liposuction...or as Dr Norris calls Liposculpture. The 30 year old procedure is almost exclusively performed on women.

It's the day of the operation. Dr Ben marks up Lynnette's arms.. then it's time to begin. Dr Ross Foreman is the anesthetist. "Keep your eyes open for as long as you can Ok we're going to be looking after you. And she's asleep." First Dr Norris injects half a litre of fluid to soften the fat, reduce bruising and lessen pain. Then, the suction begins... taking out clumps of unwanted fat. The procedure takes just over an hour ...with most patients back at work the next day.

"While Lynette decided to have liposuction, you may well ask, 'Why can't you fight the flab the old fashioned way, through diet and exercise?" Well, we decided to find out with a seven week challenge." Meet Cassandra Unger. A 40 year-old mother of two with the same problem. "I don't like the way I am looking at the moment so I really need do something about it."

For the next 7 weeks.. she's enlisted personal trainer Jason Chapman to get her into shape and lose those flabby arms. "We're going to be doing weight training and some cardio and maybe some boxing as well because we've found that's the most effective way to reduce the fat."

Seven weeks later, all that effort has paid off. "I was 78 kilos. I'm now 72 kilos and I feel fantastic I feel great!" Cassandra's also toned her tummy and behind, and lowered her cholesterol. But how was Lynnette's surgery?

Lynette lost 4 centimetres from her arms. "It's definitely kickstarted a new fitness regime so I'm walking more and eating healthier and all of that so it's definitely been a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle." Lynette's surgery cost around 6 thousand dollars. Because it's cosmetic there's no medicare rebate, now health cover rebate. For Cassandra, hiring a personal trainer four days a week cost around 2 and half thousand dollars.