Omega 3

Reporter: Vassil Malandris

It's the most widely diagnosed disorder in kids .. And it can be a nightmare for anyone trying to deal with the temper tantrums.. Punching and kicking.... Even hurting themselves. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or adhd affects thousands of south aussie children.. Their parents and their teachers but apart from being medicated or even sedated.. The prognosis isn't encouraging. Lyn flynk knows only too well what it's like dealing with problem kids.

The christies beach foster mum has taken in 11 indigenous kids... Mostly from troubled backgrounds... Including 7 year old Neesha. So when Lyn received notice through the school of a new clinical trial based in Adelaide using a very simple... Natural treatment... She jumped at the chance

Uni SA nutritionist Dr Natalie Sinn says unlike other kids whose brain waves speed up when they're listening or concentrating... Those with ADHD actually slow down... So she turned to high doses of omega 3 fatty acids... A proven brain food. .to reverse the cycle and it didn't take long before kids like Neesha started to show vast improvements. "Some parents were reporting that the children were doing better at school, they were getting good reports home from school instead of 'your child's got problems'. One parent said that her son couldn't read for 5 mins and now is reading for an hour at a time, he's concentration had improved so much" It's a remedy that can be applied to all kids... According to Wendy Morgan from the omega 3 centre in Sydney...

Wendy says most kids are lucky to get between 30 to 50 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids a day... The latest research suggests we need up to 10 times that amount... If we want to see any real health benefits. The only obstacle is convincing kids to eat fish and other rich sources of omega 3...but Wendy says... Check out your local supermarket and you'll be surprised how many foods have been fortified with omega 3... Plus there are always supplements. As for Lyn Flynk she's so happy to see the end of the erratic moods and wild behaviors... She plans to keep the kids on omega 3 as long as possible.