Bead System

Reporter: Andrea Burns

"I'm not bribing them with food, I'm not bribing them with a toy , I'm giving them a bead" Single mum Jenny Gillson says these little beads can turn devil kids into angels - and give jellyfish parents a bit of backbone. Like many busy parents, Jenny admits "pester power" used to be alive and well in her house.

Finally, Jenny said "enough" and came up with the bead system - good behaviour's rewarded, bad behaviour's penalised. Get enough , they can be cashed in - 10 beads, 5 bucks. In Jenny's house the beads have replaced pocket money. If sons Tyler and Cody want a treat, they earn it. Why do you have to give them something to make that point? "They've actually chosen the correct way to behave and it's so I'm going to reward you for that"

Claire Evans-Ocharem has been rewarding her children Sye, Finn and Cass with beads all year. Each child's agreed to a contract laying out their jobs -anything from chores to homework and the bead rewards they'll get for doing them. Claire doesn't penalise with beads but her kids can spend them on TV time or play dates with friends. Finn saved up four hundred of them to buy herself a computer game she wanted.

Psychologist Jan Fletcher...."With any of these systems, you're hoping in the long run that you will wean them off the system but it's quite a good way to get kids and parents talking about behaviour and getting something going that they both agree to and has positive outcomes for both." Whatever the expert opinion, Jenny Gillson says happy parents and well behaved kids are her proof. "Some of the children out there that have been using this system, the things they've achieved when they've cashed in and they'll tell me - look what I did - I just think if you can achieve that with a bead , that's fantastic"

The Bead System - cost is around $30 - to order, go to