Reporter: Sonia Kruger

On the UFO trail.... out in the western wilds of the Blue Mountains Sydney... no one can hear you scream. "Now its not every Saturday night one spends in the freezing cold with a group of strangers ... but this is no average Saturday night and this is no average hike ... Tonight, I am out with the UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia.. tonight, we're hunting UFO's" says Sonia Kruger.

Armed with a hi-tech arsenal of camera's, recording and satellite equipment, this society of believers has identified a prime spot for UFO sightings, which is where we are heading. Sonia was first inducted or abducted into this group of interstella dwellers at their home base in the very un-alien surroundings of Castlereagh Street, Sydney.

Formed in 1991, the members of the UFO Research Society are from all walks of life but have one thing in common - a passionate belief that we are not alone. Many of these ordinary Australians have had their own encounters of the first and second kind. "It is true because it happened to me. I was on a train there was a strange person - a chap extremely thin, bowler hat and umbrella... I'm not a crazy person" says one believer.

And they have the evidence...We were invited back to UFO aficionado Rex Gilmore's basement for a rare glimpse at his collection of UFO artifacts - a endocast of an aliens head he found in Maryborough in Queensland. Back to the field trip and the force is definitely not with us... Their state of the art equipment is failing to call or record any occupants.

Alas, nothing was coming. Just the warmth of a cuppa and the company of a group of Aussies obsessed with the mysteries of the universe, many since they were kids, sharing the belief that we are not alone. But tonight, the truth was still out there. "Well unless you've seen something, like some of us have, I say keep an open mind, because you're unqualified to comment on something you know nothing about" says Rex, a believer.

UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia Website: www.ufosociety.com.au