Skinny Undies

Reporter: Laticia Gibson

With spring fashion beckoning, forget the endless diets, slogging it out at the gym, or risky surgery. Here are the very latest garments to trim you down, tighten you up, and perk you to perfection. Now you are sure to remember the U-bra, it took Australia by storm. Promoting the natural low cut look. But Pam Barton from Fine Lines Lingerie found not all women were satisfied. "Well it wasn't convertible, it didn't have a low back, it's a little bit flat, so it wasn't getting a nice cleavage" said Pam.

Pam and her designers went back to the drawing board coming up with the low cut plunger bustier for less than $50.But if it is results at the beach you need, then Robyn Corrigan may have the answer with a power netting, micro fibre costume at $125. "With the look like beachfront swimwear you can have that illusion of going down a size, a full dress size" Lose four centimetres off your waistline and 5 centimetres off your hips. "Well its very comfortable and I don't feel that its pulling me in too much; I don't feel like I'm being suffocated" says the plus size model. And if it is full body reduction you are after, then there is the La Senza Shapewear suit.

"This product is perfect for all women who want to go down a dress size. It takes about three to four inches off all over the specific targeted areas." Ruth Ellem from La Senza says for around $50 this suit gives all-around coverage and firmness, controlling the tummy, reducing the hips, and lifting the bum.

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Also available from David Jones, Myer and specialty lingerie stores. Available in skin and black.

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