Bad Breath

Reporter: Paul Makin

We all know that bad breath or halitosis is offensive. And it's no laughing matter because an estimated 6 million of us have chronic bad breath. Dentist Dr Geoffrey Speiser told Today Tonight that he gets emails from people every day telling him that bad breath has ruined their relationships. He says some have even contemplated suicide.

"Bad breath can be taken the wrong way" says Dr Speiser "We see bad breath as a bacterial balance but the general public see bad breath as a hygiene issue. So someone who has bad breath may have spotless hygiene but they would be seen as dirty." Doctor Speiser has bad breath on his nose every day but thanks to a new bad breath tester, one of only two in Australia, he is fighting the good fight against one of the biggest and smelliest problems in our society.

Doctor Speiser says they take a sample of air from the patients mouth, that's put into a special machine that breaks it down into the three main gases of bad breath .... eight minutes later you have a result. Mouthwash seems to be the preferred panacea for most Australians with bad breath but Dr Speiser says the battle that one in three Australians suffer from can't be won with a gargle.

"Toothpaste mouthwash mints they are all just cover ups ... they have a strong mint flavour, they have perfumes on them, they don't disguise the sickly sweet smell of bad breath." There is now a treatment in the form of a powder and chewable tablets that give bad breath patients a dose of "good" bacteria. "You take a dose of that every day to make that the dominant bacteria in your mouth" says Doctor Speiser "and following the lifestyle things ...avoiding your proteins, having good healthy gums, cleaning your tongue ... will result in fresh breath."

The main thing to remember is that bad breath is treatable.

Dr Speiser undertakes the "breath consultations" at his Edgecliff clinic. Patients undergo personalised lifestyle examination, saliva quality testing, breath testing and dental examination (if necessary) to determine the best possible treatment for the patient. Such consultations are only necessary for patients that are severely chronic, or who might have associated medical conditions that may hamper treatment. Dr Speiser has been able to develop complete systems that are effective for the majority of people without the need or added expense of a personal visit.

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