Miracle Workers

Reporter: Karryn Cooper

One heal wonders or remarkable recoveries now there's medical proof. There's more to these miracles than meets the eye. Four year old Matthias was born with a rare disease that paralysed the entire left side of his body. Neurosurgeons told his mother Ngahuia her little boy would never walk. But with nothing to lose she herself took a step of faith into the healing hands of evangelist John Mellor.

"I took Matthius up there for prayer and John laid his hands on Matthius and two weeks after that he was able to stand up by himself and started walking by himself" says Ngahuia. Now a year on, little Matthius's miracle is still working, striding from strength to strength.

"I always believed in prayer, my husband said when I was sick I kept telling people pray for me pray for me." 74 year old Shakuntala Parmanand had bowel cancer removed 18 months ago. She hadn't been given the all clear when she prayed, like thousands of others at the Sydney home of the weeping oil and ash. But a recent check up has shown she has no signs of cancer at all.

Nouha Abi-Merhi claims her miracle literally appeared before her eyes. "I have a strong belief you have to believe." Told she'd need an operation on a collapsed vein in the back of her eye, she went to the holy house before her appointment and was anointed with the holy oil. When she got to the specialist he found nothing wrong with her eye.

Healer John Mellor says his blind faith and the power of prayer has helped cure everything from cancer to deafness. And while sceptics argue its nonsense latest medical research shows a definite link between prayer and positive thinking and good health.

"It just flies in the face of common sense to say its nonsense there's a growing body of research and literature that shows these things are true." Dr Ian Gawler from the Gawler Foundation teaches people how to meditate, after overcoming cancer himself he says the power of the mind is now being viewed seriously in the scientific world. "If I had taken a negative attitude to my own situation I think there's no doubt I would have been dead 30 years ago."

"Initially my faith dwindled because I thought how on earth can this happen to me this isn't fair, there's no way there's anyone out there to help things." But young mum Bernadette Martin has had a change of heart. She now says her daughter Arielle is living proof that miracles do happen.

Diagnosed with cancer while she was pregnant, doctors said her now healthy 1 year old would never survive the intensive chemotherapy her mother underwent. "The doctors recommended that I terminate the baby and that was my best chance at long term survival, I was totally against that as was my husband." Bernadette truly believes her faith and the prayers of her loved ones are what kept her baby girl alive. "Once my daughter was born and she was all perfect then thought there must be something going on out there for her to be born so perfect with no worries at all."

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