Cheap mobiles available to Australians

Reporter: Jackie Quist

They say talk is cheap and thanks to a new revolution in the way mobile phones are sold they are absolutely right. Simply Mobiles was launched two months ago and they claim to save you a fortune on top brand handsets from Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola and more.

Managing Director, Vaughan Bowen, wanted to provide Australians with easy to access, discounted mobile phones, cheaper than on the high street and elsewhere. "We can save you hundreds of dollars on a brand new mobile phone," Mr Bowen said.

"We buy in bulk and by buying in bulk and by putting the product online, available at a much lower overhead to us, we push them out at basically wholesale prices," he added. Selling mobiles is a lucrative business, with more than 7 million purchased in Australia every year.

This web-based outfit hopes to capture a share of that market by offering "unbundled" or "plan-free" mobiles at up to 50 per cent off retail. Sick of being locked into 24 month contracts, Pete Williams, bought his Nokia 6288 through the website and as a result has an extra $250 in his pocket. "It's always nice to get a phone that you know is yours without having to worry about monthly payments for the next couple of years," Pete said.

"When I go into a shop they keep pushing the plans which is something I didn't want, I just wanted to buy a mobile phone outright and avoid a plan. "It was an absolute bargain in terms of all the other on line stores and even the retail stores were so much more expensive it was great," he added.

The savings do appear to be substantial, a Motorola 'Krzr' usually retails for $710, the Simply Mobiles price is $382 - a saving of $328. You'll find an LG Shine in stores for around $899, the website price is $545 a saving of $354.

The company say all phones come with the full manufacturers warranty and may take 7 days to deliver.

But remember, you will need to purchase a pre-paid card or arrange a month-to-month plan with one of the big telco's to have the phone connected.

Until July 31 2007, Simply Mobiles are offering a special $20 discount for TT viewers.

To get it: Go to enter TT20 in the "voucher" box when entering your payment details.

Automatically a $20 discount will be deducted from the price you pay for your brand new phone (valid only for phone purchases, not valid for accessories).

Note: The Simply Mobiles website may be slow to respond due to the number of visitors. If so, try again later.