Car Rescue

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

Ted Bullpit would turn in his grave...crunched, crushed, and ripped apart, not just any old bombs ... perfectly good Holdens ... sixty five of them. "I'm driving a Holden lover's dream, an SS Commodore with all the fruit, only 20 000 km on the clock. $40 000 dollars worth of car, within a matter of minutes this baby will be crushed like a tin can. Sorry girl ... take ya home if I could"

It's enough to make a grown man cry ... unless of course you bat for the other team, Craig Hynes Says "Ford enthusiasts are pleased to see these Holden's going where they belong" Jaimie Bates is the envy of all his mates, "I love the job, best job I've ever had. A big kids dream job? It is very much so" He gets paid to play demolition derby every day. By the time Jaimie's done, he's trashed a fleet of commodores, utes, sedans, sports cars ... but they're not ready for scrap heap just yet ... they're being wrecked for a reason. "Jaimie, this scenario, we'd like you to replicate a T Bone accident"

Twisted, torn, and shredded to imitate real life crash scenes ... Darryl Rush oversees every dent made by the twenty tonne excavator. The Australian Road Rescue Organisation will use the tangled Holden's to help save lives ... maybe even yours. Craig Hynes says "some of the road crashes that our volunteers and career fire fighters are attending is quiet horrific"

Fortunately, there are a few scenarios fire fighters haven't seen before. FESA's Craig Hynes says the cars are used to train rescuers to deal with every kind of crash. "Unfortunately road crash rescues seems to be getting more difficult with the design of vehicles, the composite metals, more elaborate safety systems"

This year, Perth firies will take on crews from around the world, in an annual competition to find the best road rescue team. Even a Holden lover would agree, destroying a heap of their beloved cars to help save lives is a small price to pay.

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