Footy Fans

Reporter: Graeme Butler

They're loud....they're passionate......and they make the game great. They say a lot about a club...But what does your footy club reveal about you.. are Dockers fans on a beer budget? and do eagles fans really love the chardy - well the umpire's blown the whistle on the private life of fans.

Gary Morgan from Roy Morgan Research has crunched the numbers - a nationwide survey of 24 thousand footy fans.. people like you ... where you shop, what you eat and even if you like a flutter.. believe the research and the typical West coast fan is something like this ...

  • Prefers Hungry Jacks,
  • Shops at David Jones,
  • Visits Bunnings and Toy World,
  • Likes books from Dymocks
  • and plays lotto.

If you're a Dockers fan you're more likely to

  • Eat Red Rooster,
  • Shops at Target and Kmart,
  • They like Ikea, Bunnings,
  • Are more likely to have a Telstra mobile phone

When Freo joined the competition it created a dilemma - a great divide for fans .... Which side of the tracks to support? While the fans say it's all a furfie - who drinks what and why - but get them together and fur still flies.

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